As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump took issue with Paul Begala and a new ad from the anti-Trump super PAC Priorities USA that attempted to attack the presumptive Republican nominee by using his own words on women from the past against him.

At issue is one line that Trump says was him bashing China and not women as is suggested in the ad. Here’s the Begala/Trump exchange again:

Well, “dopey” might need to update his tweet. According to PolitFact, it’s Donald Trump who’s right and the super PAC that is “Pants on Fire” (but we told you Donald Trump was right about it when the ad first aired):

From their ruling:

Priorities USA, in an anti-Trump ad, quotes the candidate as saying, “And you can tell them to go (bleep) themselves.” It comes after multiple comments critical of women.

The super PAC says the sound clip wasn’t meant to be taken as a reference to women.

That, as Trump might say, is a huuuuuuuge stretch.

The ad is all about women.

It features seven women and two men, only one of whom has a speaking role. All of the mouthed phrases — except the one in question — clearly attack, criticize or make disturbing references to women.

The ad offers no indication that the “f— themselves” line refers to anything but women. In fact, it refers to businesses that left the United States.

The statement in the ad represents a ridiculous misrepresentation of what Trump said. We rate it Pants on Fire!

Donald Trump wins again…



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