You knew this was coming.

The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA has a new ad out that uses some of Donald Trump’s, shall we say, more colorful statements on women against him.

Check it out:

The ad is scheduled to run on TV in Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and Florida over the next few weeks:

The presumptive GOP nominee took to Twitter to bash the ad, calling it “pathetic” and offering up this fact check:


Trump then went on to attack Bill Clinton, calling him the “WORST abuser of woman in U.S.  political history”:

Priorities USA has a 2nd ad that will begin running today as well:

According to Politico, the group will be spending big bucks in an attempt to define Trump even before he formally accepts the nomination:

The group’s deluge of television-based attempts to define Trump, who outlasted 16 primary opponents, are kicking off to the tune of $96 million so far, alongside $35 million in reservations for digital efforts and $5 million for radio spots.