A bunch of people who really, really like Donald Trump have latched onto this story from the website Prntly about a new poll showing businessman Paul Nehlen up 48-41 in his primary challenge against Paul Ryan:

The pollster is AMP Calypso. From Prntly:



452 Voters

Ryan 41%

Nehlen 48%

This is the same “Prntly” that the Washington Post called a “pro-Trump fake news website” back in April:

And here’s what the Washington Post has to say about AMP Calypso:

AMP Calypso is a company that takes its name from its owner, Alexander M. Portelli. (The article identifies the “conductee” of the survey as “Andrew Portacelli.”) In addition to rating political ads, AMP Calypso also at one point operated an ATM at a local diner.


As for legitimate polling, Ryan has a 76% approval rating in the state: