This new CNN/ORC poll of a head-to-head match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is just brutal for the GOP:

On the plus side, Trump leads Clinton 50%-45% on who voters trust to best handle the economy, but Clinton leads Trump on a host of other issues:

…She is more trusted than Trump on terrorism (50% Clinton to 45% Trump), immigration (51% to 44%), health care (55% to 39%), the income gap (54% to 37%), foreign policy (61% to 36%), education (61% to 34%) and climate change (63% to 30%).

Trump supporters will obviously say that these numbers will change between now and November, but the other side of that argument is that the Dem machine has yet to full engage in attacking Trump:

We saw that begin last night with Sen. Elizabeth Warren going on the attack:

Clinton’s lead is currently 6.5% in the RealClearPolitics poll average:

Screenshot 2016-05-04 at 10

In equally distressing news for the GOP, Larry Sabato released his first “Crystal Ball” projection of a likely Trump-Clinton match up and it’s a 347-191 landslide for the Dems:

If Sabato is correct, then Donald Trump’s chances hinge on him doing well in the “Likely D” and “Leans D” states of Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Virginia — which are exactly the states Hillary Clinton is already preparing to fight for:

Can Trump win? Sure … it’s early. But these numbers do show he and the rest of the GOP have a lot of catching up to do.


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