Now this is funny.

Last night while making a pretty funny joke about Madonna’s awful outfit at the #MetGala in New York City, conservative Stephen Miller (@Redsteeze) drew the ire of Marie Claire executive editor Lea Goldman who accused him of body shaming the aged pop star.

First up, here’s the joke that set Goldman off (The woman on the right is Melisandre from “Game of Thrones.” In the first episode of this season, it was revealed that once she takes off a magical necklace, she transforms from a hottie into an old lady):

Funny, right? Not to Goldman:

A back-and-forth ensued between Miller and Madonna’s champion:

Goldman then complained about “trolls” coming after her, ignorant of the fact that she started it:

Now for the good part. Our feminist hero has engaged in the very same behavior she accused Miller of, albeit against some random woman in line at a pharmacy.

From April 2013: “I feel bad for these pants.”

Conservatives quickly pointed out her hypocrisy:

Maybe she can explain why her invasion of this woman’s privacy and shaming on the Internet is appropriate but Miller’s joke about a rich celebrity is not?



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