Well, this is awkward.

Former governor of Alaska and Donald Trump supporter Sarah Palin shared an article by her daughter Bristol Palin Friday morning that nails ESPN for its hypocrisy over its support of criminal athletes while at the same time firing Curt Schilling over a Facebook post on transgender bathrooms.

Bristol is 100% correct in her piece, but the article is a little problematic as one of the people she takes issue with is convicted rapist and Trump supporter Mike Tyson:


Bristol writes about that time ESPN hosts laughed when Tyson suggested her mom have sex with a “big old black stallion” like Dennis Rodman:

or that time when Mike Tyson said that my mom should have her guts raped out of her.  (Yeah… remember that?  If not click HERE for the full story I wrote about last August.)

We wonder what the Palins think of Trump bragging about Tyson’s endorsement? Trump told an audience in Indiana that Tyson’s support was great because “we need toughness”:

Earlier today, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina slammed Trump over the comments:

A move which Trump fan Roger Stone said was racist:

Hmm … is Bristol Palin racist, too?


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