Chaos erupted outside of the the California GOP convention in Burlingame, Calif. Friday afternoon as protesters gathered in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from addressing the assembled Republican delegates from around the state.

The protesters failed, but not for a lack of trying.

Here are some of the better pics and videos of what went down…

We’ll call this first guy “Captain Mexico” and he’s burning an effigy of Trump:

More shots of Captain Mexico’s handiwork:

Many at the protest brought Mexican flags:

Other protesters got physical with Republicans trying to enter the building:

Cops were attacked, too:

Some protesters got into the hall where Trump was speaking and unfurled this banner:

While other protesters thought going topless would help their cause:

No thanks!

Earlier, protesters blocked traffic to the hotel, forcing Trump and his Secret Service detail to hop a short freeway wall and enter through a side entrance:

Trump later joked that getting into the convention was like “crossing the border”:

Trump, it seems, was well received by the delegates. From the Los Angeles Times:

State Republican delegates who weren’t always on board with Trump said they were impressed with his speech at the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame Friday, and are warming up to the idea of voting for him.

“He stated his case in a calm and presidential way. But he was still The Donald. He joked around a bit,” said Diane McGlinchey, a retired homemaker from Huntington Beach. “Does he still say things that shock me? Yes. But he is a man of our time.”