A group of choir students from Waynesville Middle School in North Carolina was stopped by security while singing the national anthem at the 9/11 memorial in downtown NYC because … wait for it … they didn’t have a permit.

From WPXI:

A North Carolina middle school choir was ordered to stop singing the national anthem outside the 9/11 memorial in New York Wednesday.

Video of the Waynesville Middle School choir’s New York City performance was posted to Facebook.

According to the memorial website, groups wanting to perform must first get a permit.

“Basically, they performed approximately half of the National Anthem and they were told by security to cease and desist,” Waynesville Middle School principal Trevor Putnam said. “And they, of course, complied immediately.”

The students didn’t have a permit but did have a verbal OK from one security guard, according Connie Shepherd Scanlon, to the woman who recorded video of the choir’s performance.

Here’s the video of security stepping in halfway through the performance:

What the heck is wrong with people!

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