April 20 in not only “Weed Day” but also the birthday of one of history’s greatest monsters, Adolf Hitler.

And here’s comedian and former voice of the AFLAC duck Gilbert Gottfried with a birthday message for the long dead despot:

Heh. But isn’t it time for a new Hitler birthday joke? From 2015:

And from 2014:

And 2013:

And 2012:

Gottfried did have a different Hitler joke last month, but at the expense of GOP front-runner Donald Trump who he said was like Hitler but “without the warmth”:

Readers might remember that Gottfried was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice,” but got fired after telling inappropriate jokes about sex with his wife while attempting to sell a dessert product for kids. Trump told Gottfried it was OK to be inappropriate, but “maybe not when you’re selling a certain product”:

If only candidate Trump had taken Mr. Trump’s advice, he might have the nomination in the bag by now.