North Dakota Republicans gathered today in Fargo to select the delegates the state will send to the GOP convention is July. As each delegate is unbound on the first ballot, it was crucial for candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to get their delegates elected today.

The verdict? It’s looking like Ted Cruz had a very, very good day with one estimate of 18 of the state’s 25 delegates as pro-Cruz folks:

Ted Cruz declared victory in a statement from his campaign:

But as we said, these delegates are unbound and can change their mind at will. Senior adviser to the Kasich campaign Michael Biundo even thanked Cruz for getting some Kasich supporters elected on his slate:

How soon until we hear Cruz cheated?

We won’t know who these delegates are actually for, however, until the vote at the convention. There was a proposal to make the delegates declare their allegiance now, but it didn’t pass:

As you can see, the vote was tense:

And this is a good point to make: Barack Obama is president today because he understood the delegate game better than Hillary Clinton:

Cruz gets it and Trump is playing catch up.