There’s good and bad news for GOP front-runner Donald Trump in the latest Emerson poll of New York voters.

First, the good news…

He’s crushing Senator Ted Cruz by 52 points, 64% to 12%, as Trump campaign manger Corey Lewandowski seems quite happy about:

And now for the bad news…

The poll that Lewandowski just linked to also shows Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton beating Trump by 19 points, 55% – 36%:

Trump has said in the past that he can be competitive in  New York. From Breitbart (emphasis ours):

Trump said, “They say that if I run against Hillary it will be the single greatest turnout in our country for voting. A lot of those people are going to vote for me because they are tired of the system. That’s why they never voted before. They are tired of the system. And I think that’s right. I think I’m going to win places — I have a chance at winning New York, which the Republicans don’t even think about. And New York is very big … I mean I think I’ll win Pennsylvania. I think I’ll win Ohio. I think I’ll win Florida. I think we do great. And all the polls have me leading the various people like, you know, Kasich is the governor of Ohio and I’m way ahead of him in Ohio—you know, in the poll.”

In 2012, President Obama beat Mitt Romney in New York by 62.6% – 36%.

And as Ed Morrisey points out over at Hot Air, this is the third poll that shows Trump losing to Clinton in New York:



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