Breaking news this morning as we’re seeing reports that Secretary of State John Kerry will declare that ISIS — also known as the JV team — has committed genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria:

He’ll make it official at 9 a.m.:

Flashback: Just last week, President Obama referred to ISIS as the Joker from Batman comics:

Today’s expected announcement comes after the State Department said yesterday that they’d need more time before labeling the genocidal maniacs of ISIS as literal genocidal maniacs:

From Fox News:

“Determining these kinds of legal definitions such as genocide, crimes against humanity, requires a very detailed, rigorous legal analysis,” spokesman Mark Toner said.

“He just wants to be able to make or base his decision on the best evidence available and he has requested additional evidence, information in order to [make that decision],” Toner said.

The House passed a unanimous resolution on Monday saying that ISIS had committed genocide, so it looks like it was a PR decision on Kerry’s part rather than any new information had become available between yesterday and today that made the administration come to this conclusion: