As we told you , Donald Trump announced on “Fox and Friends” yesterday morning that he was skipping the Fox News moderated debate on March 21, saying he was already committed to speaking at AIPAC in D.C. at the same time.

Fox News then cancelled the debate, according to reports, after Ohio Governor John Kasich bowed out of the Trump-less event:

Enter Brit Hume, who was not happy with the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and his characterization of Fox News bowing down to Trump:

Why, yes Brit, there is such a thing as a “1-person debate” … it’s called a town hall, as many pointed out to him:

Now here comes the Cruz Campaign vs. Brit Hume part. Hume says Fox News offered Cruz a town hall, but Cruz declined:

But Jason Miller, senior communications advisor to the Cruz campaign, said Fox News only offered the Town Hall after Cruz had accepted an offer to speak at AIPAC as well:

So, who’s correct?

FWIW, Ted Cruz vowed “to mock Trump at AIPAC for skipping Fox News debate,” which should make for good TV in its own right.

AIPAC runs from March 20-22 and while Cruz and Trump are confirmed to speak (as is Hillary Clinton), the exact schedule has yet to be released.