National Review’s Jonah Goldberg had some comments last night on what Sean Hannity was saying over on Twitter and it’s a pretty good summary of the larger crackup of the GOP. Everyone seems to agree that Hillary Clinton would be a disaster as president, but that’s about it.

First up, Sean Hannity answered an accusation that Fox News secretly wants Clinton to win for ratings. His response:

With that said, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg had a question for Hannity — why support GOP front-runner Donald Trump since he’s the “guy most likely to lose against her?”:

Hannity made it clear he thinks the general election polls right now are “useless,” so how Trump does in the polls doesn’t seem relevant to him right now:

Goldberg replied that it’s Trump who keeps citing those polls, regardless of what they actually say:

At least they agree on Hillary Clinton. Hannity is a no:

And so is Goldberg. But…

Will Trump start reaching out to conservatives like Goldberg who say they’ll never vote for him now that he’s the likely nominee? Stay tuned…