Oh so now John Kasich wants Marco Rubio’s help?

Kasich didn’t get enough signatures to make the April 26 ballot and a lawsuit brought by the chairman of Students for Rubio is trying to keep him off:

Nathaniel Rome, chairman of Pennsylvania Students for Rubio, filed a petition in Pennsylvania court to keep Kasich off the ballot, since he failed to garner the requisite number of signatures to be added. Rome’s lawyer is John Bravacos, the brother of Chris Bravacos, who is chairman of Rubio’s Pennsylvania campaign.

Kasich has admitted he doesn’t have the signatures, but he’s saying the objection came 13 minutes too late.

This comes after Kasich dismissed talk of helping Rubio win Florida as Rubio had signaled to his supporters that they should vote for Kasich in Ohio:

Donald Trump entered the fray as well, suggesting earlier today that Kasich should not even be allowed to run in Ohio because of his ballot issue in Pennsylvania: