As we told you last night, Marco Rubio’s campaign was furious at a CNN story that suggested Rubio advisers were telling the senator to drop out of the race before his home state of Florida’s primary on March 15.

But check this out. Here’s the last paragraph of that CNN piece:

Screenshot 2016-03-08 at 10

Oh really, CNN? You guys better get some new “sources” because the ones you’re using now don’t know anything. Romney recorded a robo call for the Rubio campaign that’s being used today. It’s true. We even read about the call … wait for it … on CNN:

Romney hasn’t endorsed Rubio yet, but recording a robo call certainly fits any reasonable definition of “working” with a candidate, no?

Rubio ended up using the controversy to raise funds yesterday:

And they’re angry today that Ted Cruz used the CNN report in an email to voters in Hawaii:

Exit question: Are CNN’s Rubio sources better than their Romney sources?