It looks like Hillary Clinton is making friends in Flint, Michigan. Here’s Lee-Anne Walters, one of the whistleblowers who first exposed the water crisis in Flint, with her reaction to Clinton at Sunday’s Democratic debate:


As we told you, Clinton vowed to wage a war on lead if elected:

But her plan to remove lead “everywhere” over the next 5 years…

…is “not financially feasible”:

But according to Waters — the whistleblower at the debate — Clinton’s “not financially feasible” plan doesn’t move fast enough. From the HuffPo:

“I hated Hillary Clinton’s answer,” Walters, 38, told The Huffington Post on Monday. “It actually made me vomit in my mouth.”


“To tell a Flint resident that we’ll handle this in five years is no different than what the city was telling us and what the state was telling us,” Walters said.


Here’s the video from Sunday night:

Watch your wallets, America.