Bombshell or not?

Earlier today, Gawker published voicemails allegedly between Donald Trump and MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall that they say show a cozy relationship between the GOP front-runner and the television personalities. According to Gawker, the voicemails were obtained by a group that hacked Trump’s cellphone by resetting the password with the help of a Verizon customer service employee:

From Gawker:

These voicemails buttress that argument. They indicate that Trump maintains friendly personal relations with members of the elite political press, even as he demonizes them. While Trump and some of his journalistic interrogators play oppositional roles on the public stage, the voicemails suggest that they are in fact favor-trading pals when the cameras are off.

In one of the recordings — allegedly of Joe Scarborough and Brzezinski — the pair thanks Trump profusely for a donation he made to a children’s charity of some sort:

There’s nothing really earth-shattering in the recordings, but they have opened the MSNBC hosts up to criticism that they’re too cozy with the GOP front-runner, despite any negative coverage they’ve given to The Donald this year.

Scarborough responded to the story on Twitter:

Gakwer writes that the voicemails seem to be from 2012, which makes this true:

Neither Tamron Hall nor Mika Brezinski have tweeted a response to the article as of yet.