Vice President Kamala Harris loves nothing more than tossing up word salads. Seriously. Stick her in front of a microphone and you can bet you’re in for an incoherent mess.

It’s gotten so bad, that even “The Daily Show” has taken notice and has put together the mashup of Kamala Harris and “Veep” Selina Meyer that the people have been clamoring for.

I’ve never actually seen “Veep” (don’t judge me, guys), but I’ve been hearing the Kamala-Selina comparisons for a really long time now and it’s really nice to see what the fuss has been all about. Based on that video, I totally get it.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not liberal-leaning comedy shows take notice of Kamala Harris’ many verbal shortcomings, your friends at Twitchy are going to cover as many as we can, as often as we can. And while this isn’t necessarily the usual Kamala Harris word crime, it’s enough to make you cringe all the same:

Why … why is she counting stuff on her fingers? She’s not making a list. Unless, of course, she’s counting the number of brain cells she’s got left. But four seems pretty high.

And that’s not the only confusing aspect of that clip.

At least she didn’t cackle this time …

Oh, that’s a good point. Are we to assume, then, that we should be afraid of law enforcement, the DOJ, and the IRS trying to kill as many of us as possible, as quickly as possible?

And then of course there’s this:

Spoiler alert: She can’t.

We sure as hell wouldn’t hire her. We’re worried enough about kids’ brains rotting.

And speaking of kids:

Last time we checked.



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