With Mitt Romney getting ready to attack Donald Trump in a speech later today, Trump showed up on “Morning Joe” this morning to make sure everyone knows that it was Romney who “begged” for his endorsement in 2012 and not the other way around:

Trump has a point. As we told you earlier, Romney is expected to call Trump a “phony” and “fraud” at a speech in Salt Lake City later today, but Romney only had great things to say about The Donald when he accepted his endorsement in 2012:

And we can’t stress enough how excited team Romney was for the endorsement of Trump back then:

So, as we get ready to hear the entirety of what Mitt Romney has to say about Donald Trump, let’s take a little walk down memory lane to remind Mitt that many questioned his embrace of Trump in 2012, yet he did nothing. Sorry, Mitt … this one’s on you:

Mitt’s only answer back then was that Bill Maher donated to President Obama so it was kind of the same thing:

And that Romney wouldn’t “redo” anything even after the Trump-birther explosion:

Of course, Chris Christie has had a change of heart as well:

And that is what’s wrong with the GOP in a nutshell. Will no single candidate stick by their past statements?



Mitt Romney speech excerpt released: ‘Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud’


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