THIS is all global warming will cost? $1.1 billion over the next 34 years? We can afford that!

Does Newsweek get how ridiculous their headline sounds? Probably not:

It turns out Newsweek is only talking about Copenhagen, Denmark in the article and it’s Copenhagen that will experience the $1.1 billion in losses over the next 34 years:

From Newsweek:

For example, the researchers found that in Copenhagen, Denmark, a sea level rise of just 11 centimeters (or just over 4 inches) by mid-century would lead to $1.1 billion in economic losses. And that’s a relatively conservative estimate; Denmark as a whole is projected to experience between 10 and 40 centimeters of sea level rise by mid-century. The researchers told Reuters if the rate of sea level rise doubles from that conservative estimate to about 25 centimeters (9.8 inches) by mid-century, the damage costs would quadruple to $4.35 billion.

Newsweek’s alarmism is still hilarious, however. Denmark’s GDP is about $330 billion, which means the $1.1 billion over the next 34 years is still like a rounding error in the overall scheme of things.

Bring on the warming!