Remember this guy from the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore?


He just pleaded guilty and will serve 6 months in jail plus “hundreds of hours” of community service:

From the Baltimore Sun:

The plea deal for Allen Bullock, 19, was offered by Circuit Judge Charles Peters and calls for a 12-year prison sentence, with all but six months suspended. He will be placed on five years’ probation after serving that term, during which time he has agreed to complete 400 hours of community service and earn a high school equivalency certificate, or GED.

Bullock’s father, Maurice Hawikins, said his 19-year-old son is a “little boy, still growing up” and asks to “give him a chance.”

And he has regrets, he says:

Bullock was originally held on $500,000 bail, which angered many of the Freddie Gray protesters:



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