OMG this is fantastic. Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a private event of Hillary Clinton’s in South Carolina with one of the protesters holding up a banner that quotes Hillary in 1996 talking about “at risk youths.”

The woman unfurls the banner that reads, “we need to bring them to heal” while another protester films it all. After Hillary — embarrassingly — realizes what’s going on, the woman with the banner tells Hillary, “I am not a super predator” and then goes on to ask, “will you apologize to black people for mass incarceration?”

Hillary then loses her cools and snipes, “can I talk and then maybe you can listen to what I have to say.” The woman is eventually escorted out of the event by security to the shouts of “you’re a trespasser” and “this is not appropriate.”

Check it out:

The video ends with the hashtag #WhichHillary and it’s now the No. 1 trending topic nationally on Twitter.

The responses are brutal, from both the left and the right:

Wow. This could be the most inclusive hashtag in Twitter history. See all of the #WhichHillary tweets here.


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