LOL. Sorry, Hollywood … you only get the V.P.:

Lady Gaga is nominated for her song, “Til It Happens To You,” from “The Hunting Groud,” a documentary on campus rape and sexual assault.

And since Joe Biden is in charge of the “It’s On Us” White House initiative to stop sexual assault and domestic violence, he’s there to “promote the campaign directly to the Oscars’ audience when he introduces Lady Gaga.”

Apparently, Biden will ask the audience and viewers at home to visit the It’s On Us website and take the pledge “to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault.

So Biden will ask the crowd that cheered rapist Roman Polanski winning an Oscar in 2011 to take a pledge to keep women safe from sexual violence?

What a joke.

Flashback. President Obama delivered a a pre-taped segment at the Grammy’s in 2015 to promote the start of  It’s On Us, which was funny because domestic abuser Chris Brown was in the audience and nominated for 3 awards:

President Obama at the Grammys: ‘Rape is not okay.’ Everybody else at the Grammys: Where’s Chris Brown sitting?

Maybe the White House could pick an awards show whose attendees do not honor rapists and serial abusers of women to better make their case, heh?



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