Spike Lee is feeling the Bern:

Sanders hopes Lee can help him win black voters:

And he’s cut an ad for Sanders in South Carolina:

Partial transcript via ABC News:

“Waaaaake up! Wake up, South Carolina!” Lee begins in the new spot first obtained by ABC News from the Bernie Sanders campaign. “This is your dude, Spike Lee. And you know that I know that you know that the system is rigged! And for too long we’ve given our votes to corporate puppets. Sold the okie doke. Ninety-nine percent of Americans were hurt by the Great Recession of 2008, and many are still recovering.

“That’s why I am officially endorsing my brother, Bernie Sanders. Bernie takes no money from corporations. Nada. Which means he’s not on the tape, and when Bernie get’s into the White House, he will do the right thing!”

Here’s the audio:

“Wake up, South Carolina!”