Bill Nye is at it again, this time calling low gasoline prices “Very Bad News” because “Burning more gas means less time to do something about #climatechange.”

Never change, not-a-scientist guy. But it gets worse, Billy:


Nye is also avoiding the good news in all of this: Taxpayers will save money flying him around the country in CO2-spewing Air Force One!

And he posted this on Instagram:

Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 8.03.36 AM

Nothing like celebrating Earth Day with jet fuel!

Earlier this month, Nye was on a crusade against gasoline-powered cars in Super Bowl ads:

But he wasn’t always such a lunatic. Back in December 2010 — when the price at the pump averaged around $3.00/gallon — he at least addressed the technological challenge of getting rid of gasoline:

Since 2010, the batteries aren’t better and gas is almost half the cost. It’s math Bill, not science.



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