Remember back in January when we told you that Donald Trump had come out in favor of allowing the federal government to keep control of public lands rather than allow them to be managed by the states?

He even said so while in Las Vegas, Nevada in an interview with Field & Stream magazine, saying “I don’t like the idea because I want to keep the lands great”:


It’s a huge issue in Nevada, to say the least. Anyway, at big rally yesterday in Las Vegas, Trump went after Ted Cruz over an ad that hit The Donald on his land policies. Trump claimed ignorance and literally said, “it’s not a subject I know anything about.”

Why would he tell Field & Stream something different?

Trump went as far as to call Cruz “sick” and a “liar” at the rally. From the Washington Post:

At his rally before 8,000 people packed into the equestrian arena of a Las Vegas hotel and casino, Trump acknowledged that he knew little about the land-use issue. Watching the ad, he said, “I’m saying to myself, ‘Well, it’s not a subject I know anything about.’ It’s a hell of an ad. This is a Cruz ad. This guy is sick. There’s something wrong with this guy.”

Trump predicted Nevadans would turn against Cruz: “They don’t want to vote for a liar.”


Donald Trump at the #SHOTShow: Don’t give federal lands to the states to manage?

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