An old hotel being converted into a refugee center for asylum seekers went up in flames early Sunday morning in the eastern German town of Bautzen:

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

There are reports from the scene that onlookers cheered the blaze and possibly even interfered with the firefighters trying to put it out:

From the AFP:

A group of 20-30 apparently drunken onlookers applauded as fire took hold in a former hotel being converted into home for asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen in Saxony state overnight. Police suspected arson and traces of fire accelerant were found.

Some members of the group tried to impede the work of firefighters dispatched to the scene, police said.

A police spokesman said that the group showed “unabashed delight” at the blaze and made “disparaging comments” about the efforts to contain it.

No one was hurt in the incident. Two 20-year-old men were temporarily detained for defying police orders.

Tensions between Germans and refugees are high, to say the least. Yesterday, there was an incident after a bus filled with refugees was met by protesters in the eastern German city of Clausnitz:

Pro-refugee demonstrators took to the streets today to protest yesterday’s anti-refugee display:

Germany, you have a problem. Time to wake up.


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