There’s a new USA Today poll out with some head-to-head matchups that Donald Trump wants you to know about.

OK … let’s take a look at that poll, shall we? Yes, Trump does lead both Clinton and Sanders, but Marco Rubio and John Kasich (!) do even better than Trump. From USA Today:

In hypothetical matchups in the general election:

• Clinton loses by 2 points to Trump (43%-45%), 1 point to Cruz (44%-45%), 6 points to Rubio (42%-48%) and 11 points to Kasich (38%-49%). That’s a weaker standing than the former secretary of State showed in December’s survey, when she narrowly led Trump and Cruz and trailed Rubio by just 2 points.

Rubio and Kasich also beat Trump by a larger margin against Bernie Sanders:

• Sanders loses by 1 point to Trump (43%-44%), 3 points to Kasich (41%-44%) and 4 points to Rubio (42%-46%) — each of them a slightly stronger showing than Clinton — and he leads Cruz by 2 points (44%-42%).

In other words, a Rubio-Kasich ticket does the best?

Full poll results available here.


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