Marco Rubio’s campaign is accusing the Ted Cruz-funded site of photoshopping an image of Rubio shaking hands with President Obama.

Here’s the picture in question:

Screenshot 2016-02-18 at 11.25.51 AM

Note that “Rubio” is using his left hand to shake and the pocket on his suit jacket is on the wrong side.

Busted, right?

Cruz’s communication director Rick Tyler is “confident” it’s a real photo, but he hadn’t seen it yet:

OK then.

Here’s @JimmyPrinceton’s analysis, including what looks like the original stock image:

That look likes the one.

Even Cruz supporter Amanda Carpenter said it was bogus:

FWIW, team Cruz won’t admit it’s a fake, but says it’s “common practice” to use photoshopped images:

And that Rubio is “piddly” and “petulant” for complaining:

Editor’s note: This post has been edited to correct a typo in Rubio’s name.