GOP front-runner Donald Trump will get a significant amount of free airtime all to himself Wednesday night thanks to MSNBC and Joe Scarborough:

This just-scheduled event will compete directly with CNN’s town halls, which will host all the candidates over two nights on Wednesday (Carson/Cruz/Rubio) and Thursday (Kasich/Trump/Bush) at the same time:

MSNBC has invited other candidates on in the future (for anyone who’s left, that is):

Although there is some question if the “town hall” and the “long form interviews” are the same thing:

CNN’s Dylan Byers accused Scarborough last week of being in the tank for Trump. Is this payback?

Both networks even have countdown clocks up to promote the dueling events:

And Ohio governor John Kasich, FWIW, get his own MSNBC with an interview with Chris Matthews on Wednesday at 7 p.m.:



Did Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hang out in Donald Trump’s hotel room last night? 

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