Lots of folks are pointing out that Sen. Chuck Schumer’s rhetoric today on why the GOP needs to act quickly on President Obama’s pick to replace Justice Anonin Scalia is a tad hypocritical as Schumer was very vocal in opposing President George W. Bush’s judicial nominees in the last year of Bush’s presidency.

First up, here’s Sen. Schumer from today:

And now here’s Sen. Schumer in 2007:

However, Sen. Schumer’s spokesman Matt House says Sen. Schumer advocating the exact same thing with Bush’s nominees in 2007 — including a SCOTUS vacancy — is not the same thing as what the GOP is proposing to do now.

Schumer ended that speech with, “Consider the Constitutional harm and ‘dramatic departures’ that are in store if those few are joined by just one more ideological ally. I will do everything in my power to prevent that from happening.”

Guess what? And now GOP Senators will do “everything” in their power to keep Obama’s nominee off the bench. Funny how that works.


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