With Bernie Sanders’ blowout victory in New Hampshire last night where, according to exit polling, he even beat Hillary Clinton with women voters, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros had the perfect zinger for Hillary Clinton last night. Check it out!

She’s of course referring to former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Clinton supporter who told N.H. voters “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” The second part of Tantaros’ tweet nails the paleo-feminist Gloria Steinem who outraged female Sanders supporters for suggesting they only supported Sanders to meet boys.

It’s not only conservatives who’ve noticed how the above mentioned axis of estrogen is hurting Hillary Clinton. Right now on Twitter, NYT op-ed columnist Frank Bruni’s piece titled “Hell and Hillary Clinton” is one of the top ten trending topics nationally.

Bruni slammed Clinton for her “shame” strategy of trying to get women voters to support her because she’s a woman:

Yep. Hillary Clinton somehow has a problem with women voters now:

Hardest hit? Lena Dunham who now finds herself supporting a candidate who women of her generation don’t like very much:

Maybe we’ll finally be rid of both Dunham and Hillary? For that, we thank you Bernie!