CNN’s Dylan Byers reports:

According to Byers, he has two sources that back up his reporting:

Trump also told the hosts “it was great” seeing them the previous evening. Scarborough and Brzezinski visited Trump’s hotel room on Tuesday night while the New Hampshire primary results were rolling in, according to two sources with knowledge of their visit. Scarborough and Brzezinski did not respond to a request for comment.

Joe Scarborough denied the allegation:

But that’s wasn’t good enough denial for Byers:

We’ll update this post if/when Joe Scarborough tweets his answer.

Also of note, Donald Trump referred to Scarborough and Brzezinski as “supporters” when he phoned in to “Morning Joe” this morning:

Scarborough and Brzezinski denied that, too. From Byers’ piece:

“When you say supporter, you’re obviously talking about how actually … there were a handful of people who for six months have been saying what happened last night could happen and the rest of the media world has been mocking and ridiculing exactly what he’s done,” Scarborough said.

Brzezinski, who’s more liberal than her Republican co-host, was quick to point out that she hasn’t always agreed with Trump.

“It’s not like Donald and I have the same worldview,” she said. “But we knew that he could do this from the get-go, so I think the sense is that we believed that his talents actually could follow through and translate into something while everyone else underestimated him.”