ICYMI, Marco Rubio was widely mocked last night at the GOP debate after Gov. Chris Christie nuked him for repeating the same talking point over and over again that President Obama “knows exactly what he’s doing.” Here’s a hilarious mashup of all the times he said it last night:

Someone even created a parody account called “Marco Rubio Glitch” to poke fun at his repeated use of the phrase:

But according to reports from Rubio’s first campaign stop of the day in Londonderry, he isn’t backing down:

Rubio told ABC George Stephanopoulos the same thing, saying he “would pay” to have the networks “to keep running that clip”:

Let’s not get carried away, heh?

Although voters did turn out in big numbers for Rubio’s first stop, so maybe Rubio is correct and the “glitch” won’t be a big deal on Tuesday: