Earlier this morning, “hundreds” of police officers conducted raids in Berlin and across Germany to search for 4 Algerians with suspected ties to ISIS:

From the Express:

A total of 450 police officers were deployed in the operation. Apartments in the heavily immigrant areas of Kreuzberg, Tempelhof and Berlin-Mitte were ransacked in the hunt for clues tying the suspects to ISIS

Berlin’s interior senator Frank Henkel said: “Before we can draw more conclusions, we have to wait for the investigation of the public prosecutor’s office and the evaluation of the seized objects.

And, surprise! The suspected terrorists are tied to refugees living in Germany:

Some arrests were made, but at this time it’s not known if those arrested were actually the ones they were searching for:

Security has been increased for Carnival celebrations which start today, with reports of double the number of police on the street for Weiberfastnacht (ladies’ night):

Cops on the street to protect women seems like a better idea than relying on Jedi mind tricks: