Now not even businesses that cater to anonymous sex are safe from Islamic terrorism. When will this end?

For those without a France-to-English dictionary, “extremist” is what we call Islamic terrorists with ties to ISIS in America:

From the report:

Six Islamist extremists were arrested in the French city of Lyon on Tuesday, two of whom were believed to have been planning to attack swingers clubs.

The six who were known to police for being radicalised were arrested as they planned to travel to Syria, according to reports in the French press.

Some had openly declared their allegiance to the terror group Isis, while others were known to police for calling on people to join jihad.

The five men and one woman were all from the Lyon region and have been placed in police detention to be questioned on suspicion of terrorism offences.

Swingers clubs have actually become quite popular in France and would be an ideal target for the terrorists: