Meet Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, Deputy Commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Georgia, and now viral video star.

Risdon was in a Taco Bell in Greenville, Alabama when two kids walked in — soaking wet from the rain — trying to sell homemade desserts. Here’s what happened next from ABC News:

Risdon noticed two young boys, a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old, walk into the restaurant with a box of “homemade baked goods” that they were trying to sell. The two boys asked Risdon if he would like to purchase one of their treats, but Risdon did not have any cash on him. That’s when he decided to treat the boys to dinner instead.

This act of kindness was caught on video by Risdon’s friend, Jason Gibson, and later uploaded to Facebook where it’s since gone viral. Check it out:

I was in a taco bell tonight when two kids came in trying to sell home made desserts for money. I over heard a soldier…

Posted by Jason Gibson on Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well done!


  • Maxx

    This story reminded me of something that happened to me a few months ago. Bare with me folks, just thought I’d share.

    I was in a check out line at a Publix and a woman had placed a few additional items in her cart that her budget couldn’t quite take care of. I think she was like $8 or $9 short. With embarrassment, she began to set the items aside but I jumped in and told her “no ma’am, let me take care of that for you, no problem at all, I got this.” The clerk gave me this “are you kidding us?” look and I placed the woman’s items behind the stick on my side and told the clerk “can you ring these up first, separately?” The gal in front of me was at a loss for words, thanking me and wanting to shake my hand. You know, the only thing I was thinking about at that moment was “this is how my mama raised me.”

    I have to be honest. As I walked out of that grocery store, I felt high as a kite. Giving is better than receiving, especially when you do it for no other reason than because.

    I am sure that soldier felt the exact same way. Army Strong indeed.

    Would be interested to see this story motivate other Twitchy members to recollect your own experience of giving to others in a moment’s notice. Tonight can’t all be about Hillary and emails, can it?

    • kay1968

      It does feel good to help those who need it. Our GS troop does so much for our community here. Not just my troop but most of the one’s in our area. From growing organic fruit and vegetables for the food pantry, sending care packages to soldiers, toy drives, food drives, school supply, etc… My favorite is when we visit elderly people. They love it just as much as the girls do.

      • Maxx

        When I go to the movies down here in south Florida, I often see nurses/care takers walk people into the cinema, often times with oxygen tanks rolling right alongside. People that do this are angels, sure it’s a job…but not many could do it. The care and attention to detail shown to these elderly is so moving to witness. I often hear you know who declare “make America great again” and as a vet, that annoys me because the greatness of America has not left us. The greatness of our country comes from its people, and we’re not going anywhere.

        “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
        ― Ronald Reagan

        • Mark81150 school of the Duke

          You.. are a good, decent man Maxx… God Bless you and your loved ones..
          I worked grocery retail for 31 years after my discharge.. and in the last couple of years.. was on light duty as a cashier.. and a lot more than once.. I’d pass the hat when a customer,.. a Mom.. or a child was a bit short among my fellow cashiers..
          more than once i just covered it my self if I could.. I have a family of my own.. and seeing the desperate eyes of a young mother trying to buy expensive baby formula and coming up short?…
          I could NOT just send her packing.. I grew up with four siblings.. went to bed hungry many times.. I remember..
          doing what you know in your heart is right is doing the will of Jesus on earth..
          may we all try and help each other.. neighbor to neighbor.. “keep the chain of love unbroken”.. don’t pay me back.. just help someone else when you can..
          and ask them to do the same someday…

          • http://thevailspot.blogspot.com/ Rich Vail

            That’s the American way…we help each other, we DONT need government to do that for us, because after all, any government powerful enough to give all we need is strong enough to take it away. If we take the time to help those around us, we’re all better people for it….

    • Dork Blaster

      I’m sorry to say I’ve only done something like that twice in my life: once a dad and his son were buying school supplies, and second I paid for the car behind me in a drive through. Both times I felt as you did afterward, high as a kite. I did both anonymously – but the clerk that rang up the school supplies ratted me out. The dad flagged me down as I was driving off and offered his thanks and wished there were more like me out there. After reading your story and seeing the LtCol do this for those boys makes me think perhaps his wish came true.

      • tverle

        I pay for the car behind me quite often, especially in the morning. I like to do it in the mornings because I figure it gets someone’s day off to a great start.

      • Mark81150 school of the Duke

        When I was 18.. my sister was dying from bone cancer.. I had to drive my mother back and forth between our town, and the OSU medical center,.. about an hours drive.. I was just out of high school, working full time,.. overtime.. my father was already an invalid in the VA hospital.. and we were dead flat broke…
        My mother met a couple we had never met before in the waiting room where smoking was still allowed in hospitals… and cried as she poured her heart out to that couple.. the Lady was hugging my mother.. trying to give her some comfort..
        I was tired.. used up.. a 50 year old in an 18 year old’s body… I was at a los as to where I’d find the money to buy groceries for my three brothers at home.. and gas for the continued trips.. I sat alone in the corner of the room.. Mom was bragging me up.. but I was just wrung out.. too tired to care about much of anything..
        The couple left.. and a couple of hours later as we were leaving.. the nurse stopped us.. and handed Mom an envelope.. a friendship card… with $200 in cash… and a God Bless you written on it.. that same couple… a gesture of pure decency and love of humanity…
        My mother was so deeply touched.. that a couple we didn’t know could be so caring….
        That marked me.. after that.. decade after decade.. when I could help a stranger… I did.. because the debt could never be repaid, so all I could do was follow that caring example and bring that kind of comfort where ever possible.. I could only do it so many times.. as we had a family too.. my wife and I… children.. but we always had the example of a loving couple to the family of my sister….
        she’s been with Jesus since 1979…… but in her name.. the debt is still being paid.. a little here.. a bit there…
        May God Bless those who try and be better than they are.. and who help a brother.. a sister….

        • Dork Blaster

          Damn onion cutting ninjas….

          • Elytherial Luna

            Me too, ya dork, lol. Mark has me wiping the tears in my car

          • Suzyqpie

            OK then it isn’t just me…..

          • Elytherial Luna

            no, i really doubt it was just us two, ya know?

        • igorpaul

          As John Wooden said, “you cannot live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

        • http://thevailspot.blogspot.com/ Rich Vail

          Dec 2014, after losing my job, my wife being out of work since 2008…I desperately emailed Instapundit.com…we got enough in $5-10 amounts to move out of Baltimore, MD to MI where I could get work…

          That kind of debt can never be paid back, but it CAN be paid foward.

          Cynthia Yockey is in trouble and need help:


    • BillinDetroit

      I was in the drive-through lane at McDonalds recently when the woman in line ahead of me paid for my breakfast. Stunned, I offered to pay for breakfast for the guy behind me.

      It cost me an extra buck … but it was fun to look at his expression just before driving away … just as the lady in front of me no-doubt got a good look at MY surprise.

      For the Record: This happened in Lexington, NC about a month ago.

    • http://LoveBreedsAccountability.com/ Hank Rand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Giving is great when done voluntarily. Unfortunately, the essence and merit of ‘giving’ are both being exhausted amid the left’s contention that it should be mandated through government compulsion. (Obamacare and amnesty are just two examples, but virtually every Democrat policy in modern times is wrapped to some degree in “Giving is good!”) I’m a Christian, but I don’t think morality has any place in the government. Our laws are not about forcing moral behavior from people; They’re about protecting our rights as individuals, for example to life and to property. I do believe God shed His grace on We, but I believe He did so because our nation was founded on the principle that “Liberty” would be a foremost right due each and every US citizen. And Liberty is effectively God’s gift of ‘free will,’ with the sole exception being that you can’t infringe on another person’s rights. And I think God is an enormous fan of His children finding their own way, without compulsion, and with the gifts He gave each of us as individuals. So I think Liberty pleases God very, very much…and he smile(d) at the USA. That liberty is being eroded however, as is – as initially noted – the very merit of giving. More and more people rely on the government to handle the giving, and the more that happens…the less people do on their own.

      Anyway, good on you, Maxx. I’m sure you’ve inspired many others to do random acts of kindness with your story. It isn’t just ‘better’ to give than to receive, it’s outright more rewarding! Thanks for the reminder, and forgive my diatribe about the left’s threat to, and exploitation of, ‘giving.’

      • lilwren

        …you’re correct — there is no real morality in gov’t; there is lots of ego driven bullying though. Remember, to the Left everything is bass ackwards (prima facie: Dems, the Prez, Clintons, et al.), so when they say “giving” they truly mean “taking”, & always by force…

      • tverle

        I know someone that is actually a seminary graduate and bible college professor that actually thinks that by paying his taxes he is meeting his obligations for charity. When I asked why he would think a program like fast and furious was good charitable giving on his part, he quit answering me.

        • Suzyqpie

          Part of the Fed Govt of the US is the largest philanthropic organization that the earth has ever seen. Sometimes it can be a force for good, sometimes it is just a grotesque squander of human ingenuity. A book suggestion, Dead Aid author Dambiso Moyo, she is Nigerian, the book is about the damage done in Afica by well-intentioned US Aid dollars.

    • barefooted_rascal

      Mama did good. 🙂

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      I’ve been blessed to be able to do the same more than once at our Publix up here in the TB/St Pete area. It’s usually been for a young mother or an elderly person or even just someone who happens to be a little short on cash. I leave coupons behind in the baby formula aisle, the pet food section, and around other grocery items. I’ve paid for the car behind me in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. One time my older kids asked me why I do that and I told them it might make someone’s rotten day improve greatly, plus it’s our small way of sharing our God-given blessings with others.

      Just my 2 cents. 🙂

      • Suzyqpie

        Leaving coupons for products on the shelf with the products is a great idea……tks.

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          You’re welcome!

      • Lee Burty

        Fantastic idea with the formula coupons. We always breast fed, and don’t need them, but receive a TON in the mail. The wife plans on sharing this great idea at her numerous Mommy Church groups. Thank you for sharing.

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          You’re welcome! I hope the idea spreads. 🙂

          I also share coupons for diapers, wipes, and baby food. I print them up from a few different coupon sites as well as clip them from inserts in the paper. Our Little Man doesn’t need diapers anymore but I still get the coupons. Might as well share them! I love it when my coupons also coincide with a sale. Get an extra bang for the buck. God bless you and your family!

    • tverle

      I was already heading out this morning to buy a pet carrier to try to catch a pregnant cat and one of her kittens from a previous litter here at the office. I read this story and your comment before leaving so when I stopped to grab a drink at McDonalds I paid for the car behind me. Wouldn’t you know it was a car with a bunch of college boys in it?! They eat big!! But they did roll down their windows when I was stopped and all of them thanked me. I hope their day has started in a great way and that they spread it.

    • CandanceCork

      This happened to me this week. I was sending 7 formals to “Deploy Your Dress” charity. (It allows military spouses to shop for a free formal for Military Balls). Anyway, the woman at UPS worked so hard to get the weight down (removed hangers) and the size of the folded dresses down to fit in a smaller box. She ended up saving me $11 which she didn’t have to do. Thank-you Tess.

    • The Deplorable HDanny

      Several months ago,I was on a road trip,coming back from MN to OR after visiting family.Getting off the I-94 in Glendive,MT,I saw a couple standing next to their pickup,out of gas,several hours from their home.I brought the guy over to the gas station that I was going to,after filling my car we filled his gas can,which at that point,he ran back across and put the fuel in his tank,then drove across to the gas station,where I filled their gas tank.It was the middle of the day,but the outside temp was just below freezing.They’d been out in the cold for several hours by the time I got there.They were VERY grateful and I told them,that instead of paying me back(they had asked for my name and address),that they do the same for someone else in that position.Someone in my past had done the same for me,so I hope the chain continues!!!!

    • http://thevailspot.blogspot.com/ Rich Vail

      now if only we could more people to do things like this…

  • GonetoCarolina

    A great story to end the day with….

    Much respect, Lt. Col. Risdon.

    • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Said it before, sayin’ it again – God Bless Our Troops!

    • Karla1953

      And a great one to begin the day with as well…………………….along with your avi which always makes me smile 🙂

      • GonetoCarolina

        Happy for that 🙂

  • oldshortfatboy

    Army Strong. God bless that Ranger, from one old soldier to a younger one.

  • Tessa from Texas

    It is stories like this that help me remember there are still good folks left in this crazy world. We see so much of the craziness and the outright criminality on the news that we tend to forget about all the real heroes who never seek fame and glory.

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    Good thing Twitchy didn’t use a stock military photo off the Internet, or Moonbats would be flocking on here telling us it was a bogus Facebook story. :rolleyes:

  • BillinDetroit

    Not mentioned anywhere in the comments were that the soldier is White and the kids are Black … so I’ll mention it here.

    Good job, soldier.

    • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      I don’t get why that makes a difference, but I agree with the Good Job Soldier sentiments…

      • Dan13

        Bill was just pointing out how important skin colour is to progressives.
        It determines the meaning of any and every action.

        • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          Their racism isn’t my problem, it’s theirs.

          • bunnehbooboo

            Right, but it’s paraded in our faces every day…

  • CVN65

    BZ, LtCol.

    • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

      Amen to that. 🙂

  • ee1774

    Here we have 2 young boys…..out in the rain…..trying to earn some $$$$…..by selling items that they made.
    Not stealing…..not causing mischief……not looking for a handout.
    Out in the rain.
    Soaking wet.
    Trying to EARN $$$$.

    Let’s hope those 2 boys are never, ever led astray from the path they are on…………

    • tverle

      Absolutely! I commend them for the effort they are putting forth. I hope that the kindness they received will make a lasting impression also.

  • SouthTexas

    Thank you for your service sir.

  • Ordinary Citizen

    Nice job sir!

  • Karla1953

    Now I am getting all verklempt as I am sitting here home sick……………..dang that made me feel better than all the stuff I have been taking…………….thanks for ALL of your service Sir

  • Dan Abbett

    Would that Obama had the same respect and decency for those in our armed forces.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Rangers do certainly lead the way!

    This is why Obama & the Left are trying to destroy Elite units, such as SF, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Recon, etc. They FEAR Brave Men Armed!

    Get Some, Lt. Col. Robert Risdon!

    • Suzyqpie

      I love Armed Brave Men, The Warrior types who carry guns, not to be macho, but to protect the family. I am grateful that there’s one of them right here in my house….

  • John Bones Malone

    Too many times to count. I’ve followed vets into restaurants after noticing them stepping out of a car with Purple Heart plates and pre-paid for their meals. I’ve walked over to vets getting ready to step out of a car to fill a tank with gas and told them, “Please sit tight, I got this”. I’ve gone back into stores to grab something nice for a young Iraq War vet who was outside placing his new plates on his car. These are things we should do without being asked, without asking for recognition, and from the goodness of our hearts and the decency of our souls. Quite frankly, I believe that most of us do things just like this, and most of do it while nobody is watching. The fact that this video was able to be seen by millions is testament to the realization that yes, there is still good in this world. It just gets entirely overwhelmed and enveloped by the media’s Kardashian/Jenner/West obsession.

  • Carolyn#OYSD

    Wish I could say this shocked me, but nope. This is now and has always been the modus operandi of our troops. The care and well being of their fellow citizens…regardless of size, age or race.

  • san rafael blue

    I hate to be Mr. Crabapple; but three factors with this story bothered me right away:
    #1. What the hell are kids doing, going into an eating establishment, trying to peddle their own food products? That is unfair competition, even the clinging vine Girl he will wait outside to hard sell you.
    #2. Who said the boys were hungry? They’re just trying to make a sale.
    This only teaches them to beg army men for a burger and fries, a short term benefit.
    #3. If you must send kids out to peddle your wares, give them buttons, badges, t-shirts or literature on fliers that describes what organization they are with and who gets the money.

    When I see this, my mind flashes back to the 1980 Hare Krishna kids dressed in their long orange robes, and selling daffodils on the grassy median of a busy highway. Those Krishna teens were put to work for sometimes 12 hours a day.

  • globalcrap

    God Bless Our People in the Military. Real Americans have your back, and I’m one of them.