Here’s former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on what he’ll do if Donald Trump wins the election:

Oh boy.

But it’s not just Trump that has him worried. Gates isn’t happy with many of the GOP candidates and what they’re saying on national security issues:

More from the Guardian:

Robert Gates, a Republican stalwart and former US defence secretary who served under eight presidents, has derided the party’s election candidates for a grasp of national security issues that “would embarrass a middle schooler”.

An ex-CIA director who first joined the White House under Richard Nixon, Gates joked that if frontrunner Donald Trump wins the presidency, he would emigrate to Canada. He condemned the media for failing to challenge candidates from both parties on promises he believes are unaffordable, illegal or unconstitutional.

“The level of dialogue on national security issues would embarrass a middle schooler,” Gates said of the Republican contenders at a Politico Playbook event in Washington on Monday. “People are out there making threats and promises that are totally unrealistic, totally unattainable. Either they really believe what they’re saying or they’re cynical and opportunistic and, in a way, you hope it’s the latter, because God forbid they actually believe some of the things that they’re saying.”

Robert Gates served as Secretary of Defense under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but he’s been highly critical of Obama since his resignation:



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  • rick

    The thought of Pres. Clinton II gives me pause.

    • Jay

      LOL true

      • rick

        Sadly,pitifully,even Prime Minister Trudeau II is preferable…

  • Jay

    this is not the first time Repubs are suckers. Perot was a complete set up and morons fell for it. The same morons who are falling for Trump.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      By “Repubs” I believe you mean the Repub-base, namely conservative voters & specifically the narcissisticly “indy” ones. I’d agree that they’re the ones whose V3PSH-mentality (“vote 333rd-party or stay home”) have been throwing elections to the Dems ever since Perot (including both election-wins by Obama).

      • Jay

        true people have to keep their eye on the ball. main goal, do not let socialists ie Dems into the White House. Until Dems ditch the communist/socialist values they can not be trusted to uphold the Constitution.

  • lolgfy

    Gates can suck a fat one. He thinks people are that concerned what he thinks? ROFL

  • lolgfy

    You must be thinking of your mom….

  • Seniors

    UPDATE: Trump won the debate he didn’t even participate in. No surprise here.

    Which debate will you focus on, the elephant walk or Trump? If you want to hear positive messages listen to Trump. Trump stood his ground. Trump is definitely different. When we look at the options there is simply no alternative. I prefer to watch the next president of the United States of America. I was on the fence but how I am definitely a Trump supporter. Trump will make America great again.

    There is a personality conflict here and everyone knows it. This reporter definitely has a hate on for Trump. Trump was right to not participate in this debate. Replace the so called bias reporter. Fox News could have fixed this but choose not to. Call Trump’s bluff and he will have no choice but to join the debate. This is not and should not be about reporters. The press, for some reason, always plays into Trump’s hand. This is another Trump strategic move to force the debate to focus on him first. Seriously just look at what has already happened, All Trump’s opponents and the media are talking about now is the fact that Trump is not participating in the debate. Brilliant!

    Trump has changed the debating and campaigning rules. Trump will or will not be successful based on his decisions and his alone. Trump now has the focus on him and the debates haven’t even startled. Trump is now winning debates he isn’t even participating in. This has got to be a first in successful political debating strategies! Amazing! A win win for Trump. Smart man! Smart like a Fox.