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Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska is in the middle of a tweet-storm and asking Donald Trump some questions on how he’ll govern. Specifically Sen. Sasse wants answers to Trump’s views on single-payer health care, the 2nd Amendment and taxes.

We’ll add any new questions as updates.

Senator Sasse has been a critic of Trump in the past and was a last minute replacement for Dick Cheney at the “First in the Nation Presidential Town Hall” in Nashua on Friday.



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  • TexSizzle

    It looks like the TrumpHumpers are out in full farce [sic] in this thread.

  • Catherine Lamb

    That’s fair. I’m sorry if I over reacted. I’m not a Constitutional scholar or a lawyer or even someone who is an expert on politics. It’s just that in the language of the Constitution, two different types of citizens are mentioned- ‘Natural Born’ and ‘Natural’ or ‘Naturalised’ (not in the sense that someone emigrates here and becomes a naturalised citizen). If the Founders used these two different terms to describe the specifics of the rules as to who can legally hold a political office in this country, why did they do that if there is no difference between the two terms?

    I’ll admit that I’m no fan of Ted Cruz, but to be fair, he admits openly what Obama birthers have accused the President of hiding all along- having a father who is not an American citizen, that he was not born in America and thus is not a “Natural Born” American citizen and has no right to hold the office of President. If that’s the truth and the Obama birthers are correct, I’m just curious why it’s okay for Ted Cruz to get a pass on the birther stuff when President Obama was harassed over this for how many years?

    It’s not that I don’t believe Ted Cruz isn’t an American citizen, just not a “Natural Born” one. I’d like to see this cleared up before the general election because it would be so much worse for us as a country if he was elected and the challenges came later, preventing a potential President Cruz from focusing on the problems we face as a nation from day one. The Supreme Court is tasked to interpret the Constitution. I’d like to see them examine this and settle it once and for all, define the difference between “Natural Born” citizens and “Natural” citizens. I’d accept their ruling, though I believe it will continue to be an issue when you have situations like this- if you don’t like a candidate who has a questionable birth record it will be an avenue of attack no matter what SCOTUS has to say (which is wrong). I don’t think it’s settled law and any voters (R,D or other) I interact with don’t either. There have been several articles and interviews I’ve seen of late with people who also have serious questions about Ted Cruz’s eligibility that have been written by Constitutional scholars and lawyers, so it’s not just me. (if you want links I’ll provide them, but right now it’s late where I am, but if you want them, just ask. 🙂

    • JunkMonkey

      You didn’t overreact; I just wanted to make sure I didn’t come across as making things personal. I also have to admit that Cruz is my choice, and by a mile. Perhaps bias keeps me from seeing the other side as valid, as well, so I will concede that it’s best to see what the decision is on the matter before being so adamant about the law. But I’m still voting for him because I think he’ll pass the test and I really want him to win! 🙂

      • Catherine Lamb

        I want to say best of luck, but you know… 🙂

  • Catherine Lamb

    Wow! Okay, that was a bit more than I expected, but thanks for taking the time to explain it as this is my first time on the site. The problem I’ve always had with being a registered Independent is that each state seems to have a different rule for voting in the primaries. I think an Independent should be able to vote in one primary- either one but only one. Lots of states allow that. NYS does not. I’ve never voted in a primary because if my Independent affiliation. I think you should pick the person you feel will do the best job over voting a straight party ticket either way. I don’t feel I should have to change my party affiliation every time I want to vote in a primary, but at the same time I think the primary might just be the most important vote one can cast at the Federal level. I’ve never experienced an election cycle like this one so I’ve never felt bad about not voting in the primaries, but if things continue on like this I may just have to keep changing affiliations if I want to prevent a government meltdown, though I think we may have passed the event horizon on that one. 🙂