Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon share a new theory on the top secret emails found on her private server. They’re “top secret,” but “innocuous” so it’s no big deal:

So, who are the “officials” that decided the emails were “innocuous”? We don’t know, of course, because they won’t go on the record. And it wasn’t until the 11th paragraph that NBC got around to telling readers that the “officials” have an ax to grind:

The description of the emails as relatively innocuous came from officials, including a senior U.S. intelligence official, who believe Inspector General McCullough has been unfair to Clinton in his handling of the issue. They say McCullough and Congressional Republicans have elevated a mundane dispute about classification into a scandal.

They point out that McCullough, a career intelligence official, contributed $1,000 to George W. Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign.

“They” pointed out that McCullough was a Bush donor? “They” all decided to look that up themselves and tell NBC News the exact same thing when interviewed? Really?

Anyway, “innocuous” or not, it’s still a problem no matter how they spin it:

And let’s not forget the potential conflict of interest thanks to Chelsea’s former employment at NBC:

NBC does have one on-the-record source for the piece — Brian Fallon, himself:

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said the latest information about the emails makes it “absurd to suggest that Secretary Clinton did anything wrong.”

He added, “Both the sending and the leaking of [the IG’s] letter was a reckless and irresponsible act.”

If we were the skeptical type, we’d almost think that maybe Fallon was the guy who arranged for the “officials” to get interviewed by NBC in the first place.



Clinton camp’s Brian Fallon accuses Intel inspector general of conspiring with GOP