President Obama and Eric Holder, call your office. A .50 caliber rifle that was lost during the botched ATF program to track illegal guns known as “Fast and Furious,” was discovered in the house of escaped Mexican druglord El Chapo when he was arrested earlier this month:

More from RedState’s Caleb Howe:

As RedState readers know, this news comes just hours after a judge ruled Obama couldn’t claim executive privilege to cover up the scandal anymore.

The feds are still checking out all the weapons from El Chapo’s drug den so it is not yet known how many other guns there came from the U.S. But hey, at least Democrats are working diligently to take your guns away. Better yours than nobody’s right?

So, where’s the MSM coverage of this outrage?

Pretty much. And when do we get our apology?

Like that will ever happen!