You can add superstar George Clooney to the list of liberals in Hollywood who are angry at liberal Academy voters and liberal Hollywood directors over diversity issues in Hollywood:

Go get ’em, George!

Now, check out the trailer for Clooney’s next film, “Hail, Caesar!” We count zero black actors. Can you fine one?

And here’s the full cast from IMDB. Honest question — is there a single black actor in the film? Not a star, mind you. A single actor. In any role. Keep in mind, it’s a movie about ancient Rome with slaves and all that. This literally could be the whitest movie ever made in the modern era.

More on Clooney’s diversity problem from Vox:

An excerpt:

But the last four movies Clooney directed — The Monuments Men, The Ides of March, Leatherheads, and Good Night, and Good Luckdidn’t prominently feature any nonwhite men or women.

Maybe Clooney’s next film as director, “Suburbicon,” will have a little diversity? It’s a “crime mystery set in the 1950s” starring “Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Julianne Moore.”

Or not…



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