Supporters of Ted Cruz have a new ad out that is full of praise for Senator Ted Cruise from the most unlikely of sources — Donald Trump:

According to Robert Costa at the Washington Post, it will air as part of a “coordinated six-figure” ad buy:

The 60-second spot is part of a coordinated six-figure buy by affiliated groups that call themselves Keep the Promise and are backed by Cruz’s biggest donors.

It comes hours after tensions between Trump and Cruz escalated when Trump told ABC’s “This Week” that Cruz is a “very nasty guy.”

Here’s the ad which ends with Trump calling Cruz a “very special guy”:

The “very special guy” from the past was nowhere to be seen this morning when Trump described Cruz as a “nasty guy.”

Obviously the Cruz Super PACs are trying to paint Trump as a flip-flopper, but will it work? That’s to be determined.

Trump has been attacking Cruz on Twitter of late over his Canadian birth and loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank:

Trump even went as far as to use imagery from 9/11 to hit Cruz over his recent attack on Trump’s “New York values” at the last debate:



‘Yikes’: Donald Trump uses 9/11 image to denounce Ted Cruz for ‘New York values’ remark

No, this is the New York that Ted Cruz is demeaning