During Sunday’s Golden Globes in Hollywood, we noted that the Obama loving, anti-gun celebrities in attendance were only able to do so safely thanks in large part to all of the law enforcement officers on hand to deal with the increased threat of a terror attack:

And how did these pampered elites react to that additional security? With a hissy fit, of course:

You see, concerns over a terrorist attack forced the Beverly Hilton to change how parking worked this year and the celebrities were furious with delays caused by the change. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The full statement from [Beverly Hilton general manager Sandy] Murphy: “Due to the heightened concerned for high profile events like the Golden Globes we consulted with local and national authorities and it was determined that it was necessary to move the majority of security screening away from the hotel. We are dealing with a dynamic security environment and we will continue to adjust and improve our plans for all future events. The safety and security of our guests must always be a priority. We apologize for any inconvenience or delays this increased security may have caused to our guests.”

Poor babies! Did they miss a few extra minutes of open bar because of the threat to their lives? The horror!

By “screw up” you mean “thank you for keep me safe,” right?