There’s really nothing global warming can’t do, for example, this new study suggests the same global warming that is melting icebergs will help slow … wait for it … global warming overall:

An excerpt:

Scientists have made the surprising discovery that giant melting icebergs could actually be slowing global warming.

Key points:

Giant melting icebergs could be slowing global warming.
As giant icebergs melt, they leave behind trails of nutrients, which stimulates growth of marine life.
The marine life extracts more carbon from the atmosphere.
Rising sea levels are still a major problem.
Satellite images show that as giant icebergs melt, they leave behind trails of nutrients.

The nutrients stimulate growth of marine life, which leads to million of tonnes of carbon being taken from the atmosphere.

It is a process known as ‘ocean fertilisation’.

Professor Grant Bigg, an expert in oceanography from the University of Sheffield, was part of the research team that analysed satellite images of about 17 giant icebergs in the Southern Ocean.

“It was a big surprise,” he said.

Funny how these “surprises” never seem to change the alarmist predictions, however.