Thankfully we have the TSA to keep us safe. This little girl’s infraction? A Capri Sun in her carry-on bag:

The incident occurred at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina as the family was traveling home to San Diego:

Her father shot video of the incident at an airport in North Carolina, for a flight back to San Diego. Kevin Payne told NBC San Diego he’s all for airport security and making sure people have a safe trip, but he and his daughter feel the pat-down was uncomfortable, long and inappropriate.

“My dad was making funny faces silly faces in the mirror and I felt like screaming the whole time,” said 10-year-old Vendela.

It began with a Capri Sun drink mistakenly left in Vendela’s bag in the security line at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the family said. Flagged for extra screening, Vendela was patted down for nearly 2 minutes.

So, so stupid.

Although not everyone thinks this way. Some examples:

Over to you readers: Too much or sign of the times?


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