The New York Post is reporting this afternoon that Roshan Zamir Abbassi, a cleric at the mosque where the San Bernardino terrorists worshiped, has much closer ties to the pair than suggested in his earlier statements on the attack:


More from the New York Post:

The cleric acting as spokesman for the San Bernardino mosque where terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook worshipped claims he barely knew Farook and didn’t know his terrorist wife at all. But phone records and other evidence uncovered by federal investigators cast suspicion on his story.

The FBI has questioned the cleric, Roshan Zamir Abbassi, about his phone communications with Farook — including a flurry of at least 38 messages over a two-week span in June, coinciding with the deadly Muslim terrorist attack on two military sites in Chattanooga, Tenn.

And then there’s this. Abbassi reportedly posted anti-American comments on Facebook and there was a nutter conspiracy video on the mosque’s webpage suggesting that the attack was a “false flag conspiracy” and that  Farook and Malik were “patsies”:

Abbassi recently posted a message on Facebook condemning the United States and other Western nations for their Mideast policies, arguing they are equally guilty of violence to achieve political and religious goals. His mosque’s Web page features a video claiming that the San Bernardino shooting was carried out by the US government in a “false flag conspiracy,” and that Farook and Malik were “patsies” assassinated “by government-sponsored perpetrators.”

Maybe we should take a closer look at this guy, heh?

Or, not so shocking.