A protest against the opening of a new refugee center in the small Dutch town of Geldermalsen turned violent Wednesday with police reportedly firing warning shots and arresting 14 of the protesters:

Local police estimated that around 2000 people took part in the protest:

From the Irish Times:

Armed police fired warnings shots and fought running battles with hundreds of protesters who staged riots in the centre of a small Dutch town on Wednesday night, demanding the abandonment of plans to build accommodation for 1,500 asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria.

Hours before EU leaders gathered in Brussels for an end-of-year summit due to focus on the migrant crisis, local police were forced to surround the town hall in Geldermalsen, some 70km southeast of Amsterdam, to protect local councillors gathering to discuss the project.

As the meeting got under way, the police came under fire with bricks, bottles, and fireworks and groups of men chanting anti-immigrant slogans began to break through the makeshift barriers surrounding the hall, forcing the cancellation of the meeting.

At one point the national broadcaster, NOS, estimated the number of protesters at about 2,000, and at that point the authorities called in 14 minivans of specially trained riot police who began to force the rioters back so that the hall could be evacuated.

It’s almost as if the open-borders, pro-refugee policies of European elites aren’t as widely accepted as they think they are.


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