We’re learning a little bit more about the threats to schools in Los Angeles and New York City.

First up, the threat in Los Angeles was an email that reportedly originated in Frankfurt, Germany:

And the NYPD reported that the threat it received against schools in NYC was “nearly identical” to the one received in Los Angeles:

Well, then … why did Los Angeles close all of its schools while NYC did not?

NYPD Commisioner William Bratton speculated that the person who emailed in the threat might be a fan of Showtime’s “Homeland”:

California Rep. Brad Sherman told CNN that he’s read the threatening email and that some of what’s in it lacked credibility in his opinion. But he also said the person who sent the email claimed to be an “extremist Muslim jihadist” with “32 accomplices” and “nerve agent”:

Scary stuff. And we’re not sure Rep. Sherman’s assurance that the threat lacked credibility is in any way reassuring.

Update with comments from the LAPD on the threat:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.